Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain Myths

Since I will be in Seattle soon and I've heard it rains a lot there, I decided to do a little investigation. Turns out that I've been lied to. It only rains a lot in the late Fall and Winter!

Oh, and that April showers bring May flowers thing sure doesn't hold water in New York, where April showers just bring even MORE May showers.

Update (7/14/09):

Of course after I wrote this, the only overcast/rainy day we had in 10 Pacific Northwest days was in Seattle.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Total Meme

How many times have you heard about the big-shot Jewish [insert finance guy, lawyer, movie executive, etc...] who spends $10 million dollars on renting private jets to fly around until they run out of fuel, but who also earnestly fishes golf balls out of lakes? I mean enough already. We get the point, [insert long magazine article writer]. Jews are cheap. Always have been, always will be.

BeRiched Keyboard Cat

This was inevitable:

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Friday, June 05, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Imagine you are watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but thanks to the beauty of the DVR, you've recorded it in advance and are skipping all the commercials and catching up as the game is still being played. You've just seen Kobe make another crazy jumper to give the Lakers a 34-33 lead in the middle of a tense second quarter. You go to hit fast forward and speed through the commercials, when your finger slips's 90-65 Lakers in the fourth? Wait, what?

Look at the DVR controls area. The Fast Forward button is directly below the Live button. Your finger has hit Live and your plans are ruined (although in this case it was probably better that you didn't sit through the blowout). This kind of placement makes it seem like the standard Time Warner Cable remote was designed by someone who has never used a DVR before! How could no one have figured out that this is a bad idea? Pressing the Live button is never something you want to by accident, so it should clearly be placed in a safer position, maybe at the top like TiVo has it, or just about anywhere else away from the most commonly pressed DVR control buttons!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Modern Nostalgia

This Project Natal thing looks amazing, but in addition to new games, what part of me really wants is the ability to play new versions of old games. Could you imagine actually acting out the motions of Mario, Mega Man, or Contra? Especially that part where you lie down on the in between levels of Contra...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I noted this dream on my iPhone as it was weird


Leighton Meester and Rich sit eating chocolate cake together.


Rich, take a look at this game on my BlackBerry. I can get to the fifth level every time without losing a life. I'm always playing it between takes on set.

Leighton shows Rich her BlackBerry with some sort of incredibly cool Tetris/Arkanoid hybrid that might convince him to buy a BlackBerry in addition to his iPhone.

Oh yeah, well if you like that, you will love this!

Rich shows Leighton the game Flood-It! on his iPhone.

Petulant Hiatus

Ever since nobody bothered to share/comment/tweet/re-blog/tumbl/email/instapape/lolcat my last post, I've just been busy hangin' out.