Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2007 New Yorker Festival Recap of "Outside the Box" Panel with David Milch, David Simon, and others

This is an "official" recap.

This is my stream of consciousness recap:

Looks like everyone got killed on deadwood. Brave hbo. Selling douches. False dichotomies. Network and cable not so different. Upper middle class jerking off, no penises. Pillow keeps falling off chair, buff guy puts it back. Penis on the shoulder, instead of black and white holding hands, no more notes. Jews fit in but give illusion of danger. Head cut off by Cossack, that is funny. Ain't tv with jerk off motion. Christmas eve in the cunt. Blacks can watch the wire not boxing. Pimp does not need the pussy, if I don't need hbo that is attractive to them. Bullshit under his breath. Simon tells milch to be normal and answer questions. Products don't want to be seen on The wire. We talk about the human heart, you worry about how you download your bullshit. White people talking about nice nude statues