Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Actual God:

Sporadic bursts of
brilliance, what we wished for from
Schiavo's EKG.


Dead to us, dead as
can be. Fropoker dormant,
do you still smoke weed?

Beneficent Allah:

Cam'Ron couldn't touch
this Matt's patois. Parles bons mots?
He'll holla at toi.


Thanks to Dan (and A-
Roid), Delino could become
a Hall of Famer.


A chess babe chaser.
Anonymous flame hater.
Miami player.


Gone to Oxford. Shares
on Reader. Longest notes ever.
Bring back the blog. Please.


I lost 50k
more than you make in a year.
Time for a brag post.


Self-proclaimed greatest,
no one can argue. Top class
hater; don't cross her.


No longer a King,
still wears the crown: most prolif-
ic blogger in town.


I wish I knew what
the title of her blog meant.
Am I alone here?


Took your game to
the pros, blogging for a real show.
We miss you lots though.

Mr. Wrongway:

Freestyle poet with
a lyrical quality.
Gifted, not crazy.

Mulatto Jesus:

Gone gay for the blog.
Good branding decision. Next
stop, Perez Hilton.

Nick Antosca:

Full-time hustler, part-
time writer. Kill a lobster?
Now he's a fighter.


For 2009,
HuffPo, NBA replace
Terri, Natalee.


Two years later and
people still ask where to eat.
Better than nothing.

That Girl:

She's made liveblogging
an art form. When she posts her
rare gems, readers swarm.

The Actual Rod:

He is justice. We
are thirsty masses yearning
for his approval.


Always correct and
always funny. Fuck the blog
let's pay him money.

Bonus Haikus:

Glenn Greenwald:

He lives in Brazil
half the year because of their
lax stridency laws.


Who is this office
functionary whose posts are
always share-worthy?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chair Lift Verse

Composed on a trip up the mountain at Mount Snow:

Gimme five days, I'll give you a beat.
Gimme five more, I'll take it to the street.
Another five days? I don't need that sheeiit.
Cause ten days all I need to have the crowds at my feet.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A strange phenomenon

While posting pictures from my trip to Europe with Dan in 2005 (still have 4 more cities to add), I came across a few from Montpellier, a French city in which we stopped on the way to Nice. It might surprise you to find out that while there, we had a quick meal of mediocre Chinese food. It might surprise you even more to find out that I really liked it and that I think mediocre Chinese food in Europe, especially in France, is notably better than its counterpart in America.

Note: this only applies to MEDIOCRE Chinese food. There is a lot more authentic and excellent Chinese food available in America (at least in New York) than in Europe.