Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm launching a new site called "" in which I teach people how to entertain relatives and friends who are in New York from out of town. I advise them on walking tours, restaurants to eat at (those with an Eat Richly seal of approval) and places to simply splay. Unlike Eat Richly, this is a pay service. A man's gotta eat (richly).

This started off as a joke and now seems like a halfway decent idea. Should I buy the domain name? Eric (I know that you are Anonymous!) and Nostra are my only commenters, so what do you think boys?


  1. Ah! How did you know?!

    How much is the domain name?

    PS: Respond to this comment via gmail.

    I would say it's worth 250 dollars.

    Worst comes to worst, you can register

  2. Was?! Still is.

    FuckRichly? Just an idea.