Monday, December 15, 2008

Kalie Kadue

The main course of the meal and a perfect pun, the title of this post was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Prepared by Katie, along with her most accomplished sous-chef Beneficent Allah, the entire menu at Flatiron 18 last night was anything but ordinary, a generous introduction into a new culinary world for the brothers Berger.

The meal opened raw. Oysters, quail eggs, seaweed, and squash seeds. Seaweed is a staple of the macrobiotic hybrid cuisine we consumed and quail eggs should be a staple of any cuisine. The spotted spheroids were a perfect complement to the oysters either slurped separately or as something akin to a more sophisticated version of horseradish sauce. Deux entremets followed, both from the radish family. The bright and bitter watermelon variety led off, before giving way to the doux daikon, another staple and the more refreshing of the two.

After sipping some ginger-infused Black Label with spiced tea, it was onto the hearty entree, Kalie Kadue. A kabocha stew featuring dinosaur kale and three types of mushrooms, this was fall cuisine at its finest. The kabocha was the star, offering tender and sweet orange flesh at every bite, but the range of textures was critical to the dish's overall success.

It was then, with the boys' energy flagging, that Katie outdid herself with the most memorable dish of the night: Pomegranate with Shaved Adderall. Eat your heart out David Chang. It was like something off the pharmacist's version of the legendary Chinese-only menus in Chinatown. If he ever gets a table, Frank Bruni will be buzzing about this one. Pour plus que ca, you need a doctor's note.

Finally, time for dessert. This time it was squash the hard way, a hollowed out acorn squash filled with pickled chestnuts infused with cranberry juice and other berries. The chestnuts were a treat and I carved out the squash like it might be mon dernier repas (even though I wished it were a little softer...Katie warned us it was from WhoFo rather than GreenMark).

An aperitif, a lengthy discussion of the importance of eating habits, and an abbreviated Bach etude later it was time to depart. Now I'm not about to go macro on vous, but I greatly enjoyed the experience and had my most regular BM in weeks. Take from that what you will.


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  2. It was actually a hollowed out Akon squash...that's why it was hardened.

  3. it was doubly a con: hardened, but also misrepresenting of its background. it wasn't even in jail that long!