Sunday, January 04, 2009

Am I racist or is this a good idea?

In watching the NFL playoffs today, I have seen many black men with many tattoos. But given that the ink is black and these guys have dark skin, it has been very difficult to figure out what most of these tattoos represent. Therefore I think that I should attempt to market white ink tattoos to black athletes so that they can stand out more. Thoughts?

PS Writing this post is all about getting outside my comfort zone!

Update: I did a little research and much to my shock, I am NOT the first person to ask this question. However, I still think that this a great opportunity for some R & D money.

Update 2: I swear on my mother I'm not a racist. Really.


  1. use this pic

  2. i have a black roommate, so i'm immune from ever being labeled a racist. i.e., if someone calls me a racist, i'll say, "actually, i have a black roommate, so you should reconsider your assessment of me." the reason i say all this, is because said black roommate dressed up as lil wayne for Halloween and drew on all of his tats in whitish-silver marker. the market's out there. make it happen, rich!