Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dreams from my iPhone

A few months ago, I decided to start keeping a dream journal. Basically, any time I wake up from a dream that I can remember, I furiously type up all the details as quickly as possible into a note on my iPhone. I'd like to share some of these dreams with you. And remember, these are actual notes I took about actual dreams:

  • Get annoyed with my dad for the stop-start of the air conditioning in my childhood apartment while actually experiencing the stop-start of an overnight train in Morocco (8/26/09)
  • Watch Venus Williams as the guest chair umpire for a final tennis match played in Midtown Manhattan. She calls Justine Henin, "That Jewish girl" (8/27/09)
  • The night doorman from my office building starts sharing with me on Google Reader (9/13/09)
  • I'm trapped in the bathtub of my childhood apartment with the waters rising. My mom tries to save me, but can't. Eventually, futuristic machines controlled by Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan save me (9/19/09)*
  • I'm in a later season Gossip Girl-world where Blair does no work and Dan seemingly has sexual tension with a dean/teacher character played by James Franco (10/3/09)
  • Pseudo-sexual meat market in Mexico with anthropomorphic live animals (10/17/09)
  • I work hard to convince a guy at J. Crew that I can exchange a size medium tweed-style jacket I had gotten as a gift for a size small, but I'm not able to because I hadn't bought the jacket myself (11/15/09)
*I had a very similar dream that involved flooding and Jaws coming to get me in my apartment when I was around 8.

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  1. Amazing Rich; I love it. I was just telling someone last night at Thanksgiving dinner, about a dream I had about incubating a baby in a soup pot, as opposed to adoption. (11/25/09)

    - Anonymous Israeli Flamer