Thursday, September 23, 2010

King Cong

To the beat of "King Kong":

King Cong in the van,
He'll tell you how this began.

See you see life, can't see the seams
Way you see life, ain't what it seems
Let's take the double B
Former Mexicali
Let me tell you what people told me
Your guac's too soft-y
Your goal's too loft-y
Chicken's too shredded
Salsa taste like gas unleaded
But I had to stay true
To the Fresh-Mex I knew
Get a 2-star YDN review
So I opened the cantina
Mastered the quesadilla
Every time a kid left, I always said "See ya"
Students came for the food
Stayed for C-N-N Headline News
Left Bulldog with slightly more liberal views
Success led to fame
Made Viva's look lame
B squared so scorchin'
I considered larger portions
Decided against it
Didn't think I'd gain yet
So I stuck with authenticity
Then got struck by duplicity

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