Sunday, April 17, 2005

Can somebody please start a blog about me already?

(Editor's Note: This post is as told to Rich, his former confidante, by Marquis Grissom.)

What's wrong with me? I just turned 38 today and still, no one has honored me with a blog! My good friend Delino DeShields has had a blog named after him for a couple of months now and it's just not fair. I was every bit the small, black, and fast player that he was in the early 1990s and my career statistics are better to boot. And unlike him, I'm still playing. Maybe that's my problem, my legacy won't be properly understood until I retire...

Rich, how was your father's birthday yesterday? Did the whole family go out to dinner?

Oh, you and Dan were at school...then I bet your parents had a pretty amazing night on the town...and alone in the apartment.

Sorry, sorry, I should know better. You're right, that is gross.

But Rich, did you see how great our interplay was there? I am certainly blog-worthy. It doesn't even have to be about me all the time, you can even include random links and stupid shit you do around New York. If you name it after me, I'll even be a silent partner, only commenting or posting when you really want me to.

So, you'll think about it? This could be the start of something huge...or it could be the start of a blog that gets 40-100 page views a day. There is no middle ground.

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