Friday, August 18, 2006

Remembering the Good Old Days

Check out this gem from Junior Year of college:

As students wandered in and out of the Bingham laundry room to check on the open washers last Sunday, Davalos changed her three loads of laundry from washers to dryers. For her, and many other students, a lazy weekend afternoon calls for doing the laundry that has built up over the week -- or over several weeks. Wearing flannel pajama pants, a sweatshirt and flip-flops, Davalos was in full laundry-doing mode.

Other students have more creative solutions to the problem of what to wear while doing laundry. Richard Berger '05 lived right above the laundry room in Trumbull his sophomore year. After putting all his clothes in the washer and turning it on, he would pull off the shirt he was wearing, throw it in and make a dash back up the entryway to his room. He was spotted once, he said, which, he said, shrugging, was "a little awkward."


  1. Why not all the clothing?

  2. i remember this article very well. i think this was still during our "are we dating or what the hell are we doing" phase of the relationship. of course, i was head over heels for you and i thought you were absolutely adorable in this article.