Sunday, August 12, 2007

Enough is enough

The water Nazis at the New York Times are at it again with this piece about the guilt people now feel when drinking bottled water. If they really want us to drink less bottled water, how about installing more water fountains around the city (like in Rome)? I don't think that everyone should be expected to carry around a Nalgene all day. We're not on FOOT anymore.

And if Barry Eskandani is a connoisseur, I can't even imagine how the Times would describe Beneficent Allah.

Barry Eskandani, 31, an administrative assistant in San Francisco who considers himself a connoisseur of water brands, said that lately his fellow Bay Area residents act as if “you just killed their puppy” if you dare throw a bottle in the garbage.


  1. I drink 4 1.5L Evian every single day, and I throw the bottles into the garbage can if I'm feeling generous, if not into the street.

    "In this life we live as thugs..."

    btw It has been 6 days now since a drop of non-Evian has entered me...and the pre-6-day exception was for some bomb-ass silica-enhanced water they sell at Whole Foods LA