Thursday, August 09, 2007

Highlights of my Life

1. In the Summer of 2004, when I had a "perfect game" in Tecmo Super Bowl. By this I mean that I ran the ball 9 times with Barry Sanders for 450 yards and 9 touchdowns. I can't even tell you how nervous I was after 7 or 8 touchdowns. But I kept running until the game was over.

1a. This week, when I knocked out 8 cups on one turn of beer pong. Playing one-on-one, I got two balls in the same cup, which brought it down to 5 cups. Then I got two balls in different cups, bringing me down to 3 cups. So then I put two balls in the same cup again, leaving me having to hit the final cup to finish my glorious run. Nothing but PBR.

Yes, I need to get a job.


  1. Dont belittle your accomplishments...those are both bangin. You must have been so fucking nervous as the realization set in that history was in the making. But you persevered! I would have been too scurred.