Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Changing an old canard

People always talk about great stories (getting arrested for public urination) and moments (first hand job from a prostitute) that they can't wait to tell their kids and their grandkids about one day. Well I'd say that it's about time that we admit to being excited about telling our robots (first our robot servants, then our robot overlords) about these little miracles.


  1. I talk to my Roomba. It's pretty good conversation.

  2. I think I once semi date raped my Scooba.

    Can't really remember the deets.

    But we've never been the same since that night.

  3. Robots? Damn that was out of no where! Been watching a little too much Sarah Conner chronicles, you twisted, TV-addicted, online-food-hawking vandal? Never comment on my blog again (I know you won't because you haven't in forever)!