Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How Quickly They Forget

Thanks to It was all a meme, I just stumbled on this crazy little tidbit. On April 10th, Trumbull College claimed to have hosted its first ever poker tournament!

I take this as a personal affront, having been the organizer of multiple tournaments, including the Peter A. Fabrizio Memorial Classic, which is even mentioned on our good friend Alex Jacob's Wikipedia page. And I can't even imagine what the other more legitimate founding fathers of Trumbull poker, such as Joe Yrigollen would think. How could Master Henrich not mention this to the new organizers?!

The Trumbull table has produced three well-known on and offline players (Ariel and Vanessa are the others), along with countless recreational poker stars, yet it has been forgotten less than two years after everyone's graduation. Depressing.

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