Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords

In re-thinking things tonight I realized that robots will not kill ALL humans. They will keep some humans alive as zoo creatures, so that robot parents can take their robot children to observe us wasting time on the internet, playing squash, and smoking doobies while watching TV on the couch at Tom, Ilan, and Ariel's place. All the things that make us human.


  1. first off - nice post. second off - memetime doesn't make the sidebar? ouch.

  2. i love memetime (i think i even came up with the name)...but thanks to google reader, i don't update the sidebar very often these days...however, i am obviously adding it now

  3. A really sexy girl6/4/08, 8:27 PM

    Good post. Reminds one of Planet of the Apes.