Sunday, March 08, 2009

Alright Apple, I'll Give It Up

Any time that a company helps me save $30 or more, I'm willing to consider writing a blog post about it. After spending a few minutes @applestoremeatpacking reading the latest anti-Twitter content to hit the net (and leaving it on the screen to enlighten the masses), I went upstairs to find a new pair of shitty iPhone headphones to last me the next 7.5 months. I noticed two options, one being the standard pair that I was replacing and the second being strictly dominant, costing the same amount of money and having all the same features, plus volume control.

At that moment, a young (is there any other kind?) Apple employee walked over and advised me that I couldn't use the dominant pair on my old iPhone. However, being a graduate of Upsell University (h/t AG), she recommended a good case that I could use to protect my headphones in the future. But a funny thing happened as we were walking over to take a look at a selection of things that I had no chance of purchasing: she told me that my headphones were covered by a one year warranty!

I quickly remembered that Apple very intelligently e-mails receipts to its customers, found my old one on my phone, went downstairs and walked away with a brand new set of headphones for "free." Thanks, Apple!

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  1. A+, excellent links. Gr8 funnies. H8 apple. broke miPhone just now. commenting from my minitel.