Thursday, March 05, 2009

Why did I feel bad about this??

I just went into my local sushi shop specifically to order their two rolls for $7 special deal. It's one of my "good, cheap, quick solo meals" and something I probably get about once every 10 days. I was listening to music and asked the gentleman behind the counter for the special deal and much to my surprise he told me to take a look at the menu and see some new deals (poor is the New Deal). Then, a waiter came over to me and explained the benefits of the $17 bento box. I stared at the menu of normally priced sushi and special rolls for about two minutes, trying to decide whether or not to order something out of shame.

The Tom/Dan on my shoulder said (for completely different reasons), "Richard, just pay that nice man his money for a mediocre tempura and California roll situation. Or get a special roll, they come with 8 pieces." Meanwhile the other side of Tom on my other shoulder said, "You came in here to buy a product that they no longer offer. Stop staring at the menu and get out of here."

Finally, after saying to myself, "Don't tell them you're gonna think about it, just leave," I muttered something to the effect of "I gotta go right now, but maybe I'll be back later." At least I didn't buy anything!

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