Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sometimes it's better not to ask

The Scene: A small roadside cafe an hour outside of Reykjavik.

The Players: Two American tourists and a waitress.

Waitress: So, I have to ask, where are you guys from?
Me: New York City, you ever been?
Waitress: Of course, I'm actually from Seattle.
(She goes to get the check and the guys, surprised to find out she's American, consider whether or not to press the issue. She comes back.)
Me: Seattle, really? What brought you out to this neck of the woods? How long have you been here?
Waitress: Well, it's funny, I've actually been here for three years. My friend had a job for me and I came over. Three months turned into six, six into nine, and here I am today.
(She leaves.)
Me (to Todd): Well that cured lamb was pretty delicious...

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