Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Win!

The Mets opened the NLCS with a 2-0 victory tonight, highlighted by a beautiful performance by Tom Glavine and a bomb from Carlos Beltran. This was the scene at the start of the game:

After Beltran hit his home run, the place was practically shaking. It was almost as if a plane was flying overhead...

Two pseudo-game related comments:

1. It is appalling to me that in the playoffs, the Mets have decided to have an 8th inning sing along to "Sweet Caroline." Even if it is only a recent tradition, it is very well known these days that the fans at Fenway already sing this song during the 8th inning there! Why are we copying them?

2. The MTA really needs to give Metrocards RFID chips. Getting on the subway after the game was a nightmare. It might have only been a bad dream if RFID chips had been around to speed things up. Countless people (drunk, sober, and tourist) screwed up the often fickle Metrocard swipe and cost all the fans a lot of time. The current PayPass experiment is a step in the right direction, but let's hurry things along, okay?

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