Friday, October 20, 2006

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

A devastating loss for the Mets, as everyone knows already. It's not worth saying much, but I'll write a few things. I was supremely confident all the way through that the Mets would win this series and I still can't believe that they did not. My hope is that this loss is like Boston's loss in the 2003 ALCS to Aaron "Fuckin'" Boone's home run (meaning that the Mets will come back and win the 2007 World Series). And also, I hope that the third Molina brother is now known as Yadier "Fuckin'" Molina. The entire series, I was in shock as he got hit after hit. Now that he got the biggest hit of all, I am even more shocked. He was arguably the worst everyday hitter in the Major Leagues this year.

Simply put, the Mets were fortunate to get a fantastic pitching performance from Oliver Perez, along with one of the greatest catches in history by Endy Chavez (as determined by the complicated formula of degree of difficulty x circumstance), but squandered it all because their excellent lineup put up a stinker of a game at the wrong time. Sounds like the Yankees.

If the Mets can pick up a starting pitcher or two, they should have a great chance to get to the World Series next year and maybe even win it. Gotta keep up the faith...which is tough to do at a time like this.

At least I don't have to watch the World Series too closely, but LET'S GO TIGERS!

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