Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tailgate Fun

I love pig roasts. I was introduced to them by a kind-hearted young man in Trumbull named James. Since then, I have been hooked. And at the Yale-Princeton game tailgate, I was lucky enough to stumble on one in my drunken stupor. This one was being run by a friendly Yale Dining Services gentleman who posed for this picture with me.

Me: I just love these pig roasts, what are you cutting up there?
YDS Guy: Well, we can do lamb, chicken, beef, veal, pig, whatever you want. You find a meat, we'll cut it up. Just make sure to call up Yale Dining Services for all your meat preparation needs.
Me: Um, where can I find the jowls? That's my favorite part of the pig.
YDS Guy: You know your stuff there buddy, check out that table over there.

At this point, I proceeded to pick at the back of the pig's head with my fingers, and then a fork, until the people staring at me made me too self-conscious to continue.


  1. "Anti-war Activists plan global Orgasm for Peace"

  2. Nice Lord of the Flies content! Pass the conch!

  3. In response to the orgasm article: can we still beat it even if we believe war can be excellent means of acquiring an upperhand in world diplomacy?

  4. Sure, why not. Who am I to stop you?