Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm a lucky man (Holiday Edition)

At dinner tonight:

Me: Gee, I really want a gray sweater and a navy blue sweater. But I bet that the post-Christmas sales will make them much cheaper, so I might as well wait it out.
Mom: Yeah, you're right Rich, I'm sure those sales will be great.

An hour later:

Mom and Dan give me a gray sweater and a navy blue sweater respectively. But Mom had played it so cool at dinner! And Dan was simply thoughtful. Thanks guys.

I quickly started talking about the Nintendo Wii, along with some ties and shirts that I had been looking at...


  1. Do you remember how I almost completely blew up Dan's spot at noodles on Sat?

    Tom: Rich--didn't you just get a blue sweater?
    Dan: Tom's confused. Shut up, Tom.

  2. good f'ing call! dan successfully lied to me. a rare and impressive feat. kudos again to dan.

    tom, are you a worse secret keeper than dan...?