Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Good Old Days (Part 1)

From a writing assignment I did on September 17, 1993 (copied exactly as written):

One day a drug was discovered that would let you live for 300 years. The one catch was, if you took it you would become bald. I would take it and then use a hair replacement system. I think that the creators of the drug made a good discovery but they should make sure that not too many people take it.

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  1. Eric M. Brandon NOV. 12 1996

    Personal Narrative


    I remember it as if it were yesterday...

    Strolling by the farm exhibition my uncle and I decided to take a look inside

    inside the ominous tent.

    As we were slowly trotting by the prized hens we came around the lamest

    looking rabbit I had ever seen. Ironically, I had to have it. My uncle knew I had

    already spent over sixty dollars on Youth - Fair games. I went yelping like a hyena

    scaring all the exotic animals; my uncle burst into sheer humiliation and began to

    coax me down shouting, “Eric, you can get the rabbit. Just stop whining !”

    So I finally got the rabbit. They put the poor thing into a box suitable for an

    ant. We arrived home and let it loose but it didn’t want to run or leap. Odd, I

    thought. The next day, my mother and I built a spectacular pink hutch, this time

    suitable for the Queen of England herself.

    Days and weeks went by and all the rabbit did was grow and grow. I had

    just gotten home from school at mid-day. It was pouring rain out. So I let the sad

    rabbit into the house. It had at least tripled its size since I bought it. I petted and

    stroked its wet fur back and forth. Suddenly, its eyes flashed a blinding red and it

    leaped straight at my brother’s chest. The rabbit was merciless. It was ripping my

    brother’s flesh away like a cheetah piercing through the skin of a gazelle.

    My brother’s chest healed quickly and became robust once again. The

    rabbit, however, was immediately given away to live it’s last days under the shelter

    of a future victim in Homestead.

    I consider it the rabbit of all.