Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A new take on the BCS mess

Here's the basic argument: Ohio State has already proven itself to be better than if the Buckeyes prove to be better than Florida, they are the clear national champions. Michigan had its chance to beat Ohio State and failed.

It's a decent idea. I'm happier to see Florida play Ohio State instead of Michigan, but obviously, the whole system is absurd. Amazingly, the reason for it is money. But the league commissioners are SO short-sighted. How could they not think that an 8-team playoff (or something like it) would make them more money? Don't these same people sanction the cash cow that is March Madness?

The NCAA is the worst-run, most hypocritical sports organization in America. Our athletes need to be students and not miss classes (except if they play in Division I-AA or II or III or play basketball or any other sport). Our athletes cannot take ANY money, even for jobs unrelated to football (but we can make millions of dollars off of them). And the list goes on.

Finally, I used to get excited for college bowl season...not anymore! I only plan on watching the Title Game, maybe the Rose Bowl, and bits and pieces of other games. And I'm supposedly a big sports fan. Believe you me, I'd be watching a lot more of the College Football Playoffs.


  1. The system is supposed to be set up to put the two best teams in the Nat'l Championship, but when the unamimously ranked #2 team in the country gets jumped in consecutive weeks in the BCS after not even playing, it is clear people could give a shit about that aspect of it. But hey, Michigan had their shot (on the road) against the #1 Buckeyes, so fuck em - this automatically makes Florida the 2nd best team. Brace yourselves for a less than entertaining Nat'l Championship this year, my friends.

  2. michigan may very well be the second best team in the country.

    BUT to be fair, it's not like florida jumped michigan for NO reason. that's what I forgot to mention is pissing me off. florida beat a mediocre florida state team (not helping their case) and a VERY good arkansas team, something that further established their bona fides. it's too bad that michigan's regular season had to end in ohio, but to say that florida advanced solely because of michigan's idleness is to do a disservice to florida AND arkansas (and as dumb as they might be sometimes, THE VOTERS).

  3. What you say is true. What pisses me off is that teams hardly ever get passed in the rankings when they are idle. (I would be much more content if Michigan had dropped to 4 after their loss to OSU.) I think the voters made it happen(twice)in this case more so because they did't want to see a rematch, than because they were convinced Florida is number 2. It's the safe pick,justified because Florida won their conference, and their pussy coach begged to get in. We can talk more about this in person in a few short weeks.

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