Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going Dutch

In case you were not aware of it, the Dutch really are the most civilized people in the world. The case:

1. They finish compulsory education with good knowledge of four languages: Dutch, English, German, French.
2. They are the tallest people in the world.
3. They are very friendly.
4. They are completely accepting of soft drugs and run a highly regulated prostitution system. They give people what they want, but keep control of it.


  1. What the hell does being tall have to do with being civilized?

  2. tom... i mean anonymous6/19/07, 4:45 PM

    yeah what the hell DOES tall have to do with being civilized!

  3. There is a strong correlation between the average height of a population and that population's access to quality nutrition and medical care.

    Among bloggers, however, there is an inverse correlation between height and "humorosity".