Sunday, June 03, 2007

Save Until Manually Erased

It's the moment I've been waiting for: I finally have Man vs. Beast on my DVR. I found out about the Fox Reality Channel nearly a year ago, but I basically forgot about it until I was sitting at my computer and my wonderful brother called me from his bedroom this afternoon (don't worry, he's in my Fave 5). Man vs. Beast was just starting, and Man vs. Beast 2 would be on later this week. My prayers had been answered. If you're nice to me, perhaps you can come over and watch the episodes...


  1. Just watched this one on youtube: Man Vs. Beast Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi Vs. Oso Kodiak

    GREAT Show

    How do they know the Bear doesn't know it is a competition?

  2. Rich,

    I saw the original airing of "Man vs. Beast" freshman year of college and I have been telling friends about it ever since. It was so long ago and so hillarious that I wasn't even sure if it was real anymore.

    My favorite part: the "Key Strategy Elements" bullet points presented for the track star vs. the Zebra. I think it was something like "the runner will have to pace himself, time his start perfectly, and save strength for the final stretch and the zebra (pause) the zebra will have to know it is running a race."

    Please have Tom devise a way to extract the digital recording from your DVR.