Monday, June 11, 2007


The plane from Miami to Newark:

Girl sits by the window, I sit in the middle, Tom on the aisle. I just want to read my book. Tom initiates conversation with the girl so we can splay some popcorn. She gushes about her trip to Bolivia and Peru to both of us, there's a lull, and Tom puts on his noise-cancelling earphones and leaves me to chat for about 30 minutes with her. Fast-forward to the end of the flight. She wants to make her 8 PM flight, but we just landed at 7:50 PM. There's no chance she'll make it, but she asks to get off the plane first. Tom reluctantly gets up to let her out, she says, "Have a great time in Paris guys!" Tom responds, "Yeah, whatever."

Newark Airport:

Tom and I are walking by an airport exchange place as a guy changes his money.

Tom (very loudly): 66 cents per Euro?! What kind of idiot would change money at this place? COME ON!

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  1. Why is Tom so angry toward women?