Monday, July 02, 2007

Children of Blogs

Yesterday afternoon, I was watching a 4-year-old have the time of her little life. It got me thinking about what she was thinking about. At that moment, her thoughts were probably simple but seemingly important to her. But, despite the fact that she is in her so-called formative years, she will remember NOTHING of it. However, I bet that she could my thought is that when I have kids, I'm gonna get them blogging as soon as they can type. That way, by the time they are in college, they will have an unbelievable history of their thought processes as they grew up.


  1. I suspect she was thinking about that awkward man staring at her, and what he was thinking. Probably, she thought, he was thinking that he would like to know her thoughts, and if she herself would like to know her own thoughts years hence, and that he would probably write a blog entry about this run-on sentence.