Friday, October 03, 2008

User Interface Crimes: Voicemail Edition

Press 1 to send a numeric page. Press 2 to hear Andy Kaufman read the entirety of The Great Gatsby. Or please wait for the tone.

Do you know a single person who has sent a numeric page in the past 10 years? Ever? Why would phone companies possibly keep forcing callers to waste their time listening to this crap? This is COMPLETELY INSANE. People know to leave a message when they hear the beep. They've only been doing it since the 1990s (look it up, that's a long time ago now) or probably earlier.

Kudos to Tom for literally going straight to the beep, although I'm not quite sure that all of America is ready for that...


  1. Long time fan, first time commentator. Last night, after having drank a considerable amount of wine whilst watching the debate, I belted out "Here I come to save the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" When asked what I was doing, I replied "Andy Kaufman singing Mighty Mouse." Also, your post was posted at 4:20. Coincidence?

  2. Rich is just itching to guest post on Please Listen Carefully.