Wednesday, November 09, 2005

An Actual Excerpt from the Yale Alumni Magazine Class of 2005 Notes

"Raina Thiele (TD) is teaching middle school in Quevado, Ecuador. She was recently robbed at gunpoint, but it's okay because she and the gunman have some mutual friends. (She hopes to get her valuables back.) She says school in Ecuador is 'very different' and the primary concern seems to be keeping students and parents happy."

First, thank goodness that has saved another life. Second, yes, school in Ecuador seems to be slightly different.

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  1. "David Friedlander '05 has grown a beard. He masturbated four times yesterday, had lunch with an ugly girl he knows from Yale, and, most importantly, acted so goofy. He thought for a second about what a fucking douchebag he is, but that passed, and then he scribbled the following note on his day planner: "hairs of a red hue + enthusiasm = funny."