Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vegas Celebrity Sightings Part 2

If you want to see celebrities, go to the Bellagio. Every sighting took place there.

Bill Clinton. One man shook his hand, but then asked, "Where has that hand been?"

Andrei Kirilenko (looks like a skinny Ivan Drago, original props to Actual God's friend for this call). He was playing roulette with his Russian girlfriend I guess. Ariel sidled up to him and kissed butt, until Actual God said, "Ariel Schneller is the best shot blocker at this table," and we all left.

Wang Zhizhi. With a group of other Chinese people half his height.

Every famous pro poker player. I even spoke to Allen Cunningham about his mention of me in that article.

Me: Hey Allen, it's me Richard Berger. (beat) From that Yale poker game.
Allen (makes his trademark facial tics): Oh yeah, what's up man.
Me: Thanks for the shout out in Card Player, that was pretty cool. (I then went on to mumble a bunch of other stuff about poker 4 years ago vs. poker now, etc...)
Allen: Oh yeah, things were much better then.
(awkward pause)
Me: Ok, I don't want to keep you busy any longer. (I go back to 2/5 No Limit, Allen leaves the poker room)

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  1. no kingspawn shoutout on the cunningham mention in cardplayer? the times they are a changin'