Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Malaria and Technology

An oldie but a goodie from Malcolm Gladwell about Fred Soper and his fight against malaria.

An excerpt:

Once, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, a large ammunition dump--the NiterĂ³i Arsenal--blew up. Soper, it was said, heard the explosion in his office, checked the location of the arsenal on one of his maps, verified by the master schedule that an inspector was at the dump at the time of the accident, and immediately sent condolences and a check to the widow. The next day, the inspector showed up for work, and Soper fired him on the spot--for being alive.

Also, I am very excited to go to the WIRED NextFest this weekend! So much cool technology like the Hug Shirt or Brainball. I hope that I can test some of these things out.

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