Monday, May 05, 2008

Mario Kart Wii

Was kickin' it in Best Buy for a bit on Sunday when I saw a demo of the new game set up. A woman had just finished playing poorly so I picked up the steering wheel and took over for the next race. In my first try I faced one of the more daunting courses, Wario's Gold Mine, a roller coaster ride with no guardrails. Needless to say I struggled like I was playing the Rainbow Road in Super Mario Kart and things got ugly for me fast. At the end of the race, one of the employees (who had been watching the whole time while distractedly helping people (like telling my mom where to find Photoshop)) said, "Ouch, you didn't even place. Not a good ride."

Taken aback I replied, "It was tough to get used to, and that course was no joke. But, lemme see how it's done."

The employee took the wheel, re-started the game on his terms and proceeded to easily finish in first place. Thing was, he did it on 50cc on Shell Cup (the easiest settings!). Did he think that he was fooling me? I took the wheel right back and proceeded to easily win two races myself, all the while with him saying "Don't jerk the wheel" in my ear any time I made the slightest turn.

All in all a strange experience.


  1. Reminds me of the time I was in the Tenley Town Best Buy near American University, and a very ugly 7 foot Balkan Verizon salesman with long black hair got visibly angry with me because I wouldn't switch from Sprint.

    So weird.

  2. reminds me of when i try anything athletic with a friend. of course i don't usually win anything and the comments are more helpful. but it's still weird, like "you're not my father! where's ray liotta? I brought my old glove and everything..." Cue melancholy.