Sunday, September 28, 2008

BeRiched Update

Yes, I am still hard at work on this series. It's been tough trying to figure how to monetize all the YouTube views I'm getting, but that won't stop me from trying. Check out the latest footage from Steuben Day last week in Central Park:

Now, before you criticize this video for lacking any real content, let it be known that the key concept here was the idea of playing on the meme of people being surprised that what seems like a still photo is actually a video (see here and here).

Also, I looked back at BeRiched at the Great Wall today and saw an amazing comment written by someone who turns out to be a middle school student (at least according to his bio). They grow up so fast these days:

you suck and all your pussy whipped friends and you stole the shity (city badly said) off of south park u suck ass

I hope he has seen the Delino Intro Video too!


  1. I think that's me laughing in the background!