Monday, September 22, 2008

Where's the XOXO for the iPhone?

I'll tell you what folks, there is just one unrealistic thing on Gossip Girl: not a single student has an iPhone. This is simply preposterous. I've seen homeless people in New York with iPhones. There must be some crazy feud between Apple and the show's producers. There is some nice love for the Ariel/Liz phone though.

PS: The Dalton lacrosse team was not very good in my that was funny.


  1. Here's something else completely unrealistic. A show about the upper east side of NYC and there's not a single Jew in the cast. As a fellow member of the tribe, I'm outraged and offended.

  2. Say what??? There aren't any Jewish characters on the show? On a show set in the upper income social strata of New York City? WTF??? Why isn't there any protest about this? It sounds like someone (the writers...) is Aryanizing reality, in 2008, which is really, really f*cked up....

  3. I believe they have a marketing agreement with Verizon and all of the phones are from Verizon.