Friday, September 26, 2008

Facebook Cold Open

I know that Facebook has some super smart people working for them, but I wonder who thought up the list of things to use Facebook for that is supposed to entice potential new users:

Ok, the first one is perfect, the second one is great too, the third one is "What the fuck?" This is what you are selling to someone who has never used your service? The wording here is terrible. Maybe if it were just a features list that would be fine, but as currently set up, it is completely illogical. Finally, the fourth one should have been worked into the first one somehow because it is essentially a repeat of the same idea.

Oh, and they forgot the fifth one: Spend more time interacting with a person's profile than interacting with that person (better known as "stalking")


  1. I don't like this new meaner Rich. You've lost your innocence. This sounds way too much like Tom and Please Listen Carefully. The last part is true though, I spend 24 hours a day masturbating to the profile and photo albums of some chick I went to high school with, way back when.

  2. I love the meaner rich...awesome post.

  3. Meaner Rich! Meaner Rich!