Thursday, February 02, 2006

An amusing little bit

A Washington D.C. Olympic team? An interesting idea. Check out the website. (Editor's Note: I originally called this idea stupid, but I have re-thought my position after reading Mike's comment.)

And in case anyone wanted to see the cartoons that are causing such a they are a little bit down the page.


  1. It's really not stupid when you think that 600,000 Americans are denied a voice in the decisions of this country and are taxed and sent to war like other citizens. That's what's stupid.

    We're hoping to educate people about our plight in DC, and have a little fun with it.

  2. first off, thanks for being a legitimate commenter.

    on the whole you are mostly right. i wrote a sort of silly snap judgment. sorry. i actually respect the fact that you have taken the initiative to organize such an effort to gain recognition.

    I hope you read this...

  3. You can also try our protest - stamping money with the slogan "Stamp out Taxation without Representation in Washington DC!"

    Get a stamp and make your opinion known!

    Andy Catanzaro