Sunday, February 19, 2006

New York pizza places always have weird cups

I thought of this again recently when I got a soda in a Bear Rock Foods cup. Whatever happened to Coca-Cola giving out cups to these places? I guess they just scrounge around and pick up whatever they can find. Good old La Mia (now called Roma's) was the founder of this trend for me. I wish I could remember the specifics of some of their cups, but alas, my memory fails me here. I guess I will just have to go back and visit.


  1. when a blogger blogs and no one reads/comments, is he really blogging?

  2. well, people read...or at least view...

    commenting on the other hand?

    this is a flame that cuts me deep. but at least i still post stuff. and you read and comment.

  3. aww :(
    i read

  4. and i love you for it! and other things...