Monday, February 27, 2006

Different Types of Intelligence?

Here is a sample of some questions from the 50-question Wonderlic test given to prospective NFL players before the NFL Draft. Well, most football players are clearly not smart in a traditional sense. Does this matter? Check it out:

"The biggest buzz coming out of Indianapolis the last few days is the rumor that Texas QB Vince Young bombed his Wonderlic test. Rumor had Young scoring a 6 on the test.

While the results of his first test haven't been confirmed -- and combine officials have said the score of 6 was wrong --'s John Clayton reported that Young scored a 16 on his second try (according to his agent) and he's expected to take it a third time. The results of that test will not be released to NFL teams until next week, so it remains completely speculation at this point...

Just as a barometer, the highest score registered at last year's scouting combine was a 40 (QB Alex Smith) and the lowest score was a 6 (RB Frank Gore). I also have been told by an NFL scout that the other two top quarterbacks this year fared much better on this test, with USC's Matt Leinart scoring a 35 (at the combine) and Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler scoring a 29 (in a test given prior to the combine)."

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