Monday, February 06, 2006

What a Game!

No, silly, not the Super Bowl. I'm talking about this thrilling college basketball game from 1973.

Ok, but I will say a little bit about the Super Bowl.

The officiating was terrible. The most obvious mistake was calling Hasselbeck for a chop block when he tackled Ike Taylor after the interception! An inexcusable 15-yard blunder. More controversial were two touchdown calls, both of which went Pittsburgh's way. I think that the Darrell Jackson push-off should not have been called and that Roethlisberger did not get in (on really close plays the initial call is always so crucial...). There also may have been some dubious holding calls against the Seahawks.

On the whole, the Seahawks have mostly themselves to blame for the loss, especially Jerramy Stevens. What a choker. He should be embarrassed for himself. Seattle's clock management at the end of the first half was also atrocious. Was Herm Edwards secretly in charge? Neither team played very well in the game, although like everyone else, I loved the Randle El touchdown pass, so I give the Steelers props for that.

In the end I guess, credit goes to the Steelers for navigating an incredible road to the Super Bowl title, playing the best when it mattered most.


  1. Good analysis, Rich, I agree. I was pretty disappointed with the game, though I was glad Ward got the MVP, it was well deserved. He seemed like the only good player on either team.

  2. and ward, as good as he is, had a couple of ugly drops.