Friday, February 03, 2006

We Used To Go Out

That's right Jason Mantzoukas. I hope you're reading this, because I am doing it for you and Jessica.

What you don't know is that the guy sitting next to me who "volunteered" my blog was/is my brother, Dan. What was odd about that interaction was that he was too ashamed to volunteer his own blog, Not About Delino DeShields, which I contribute to as well. I don't know why he would be, but maybe he's just insecure...either way, there's some great stuff over there. Also, as I neglected to tell the guy at the ticket window, these two blogs (Not About Marquis Grissom and Not About Delino DeShields) are named as such not because Dan and I were such big fans of these players. The real story behind the names is that Dan thought it would be funny if people searching for Delino DeShields on the internet accidentally ended up at a blog that, although having a URL named after him, in reality had nothing to do with him. And I figured that Marquis Grissom would be a good partner to Delino, just like on the Expos in the early 1990s. But enough about me.

I thought that your show, We Used To Go Out, was very funny. You and Jessica have obviously worked hard on it and perfected the timing, especially in the scene with The Notebook. I also liked the "It's not me, it's you" line both for its inherent humor and the casual manner in which it was delivered. The "Scooter" character was a good send-up of a certain type of man and my favorite part of the show was probably the answering machine "audio montage." I would recommend this show to anyone who reads this post. I'm not sure what I think about people who are not going to read it.

I hope that this is more than you expected to get when you called out for bloggers. On the other hand, I regret to inform you that I don't really have all that many readers...

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