Friday, May 25, 2007

Bargaining on Bleecker

I was in a store on Bleecker Street last night when I finally spotted a pair of sunglasses that weren't too wide for my skinny face. There was no price tag, so I assumed that they were negotiable. Furthermore, I took into account the fact that the store was in the process of closing. I figured that bought me another couple of dollars off the price.

Me: How much for the shades?
Store Clerk: $10.
Me (brief pause): How about $5?
Store Clerk: $8.
Me (pause, put down shades, start walking out): Sorry man, I can only do them for $5.

And he let me walk out! This NEVER would have happened in China. Ever. I guess that I've learned my lesson. Next time I should start with a lower initial offer...


  1. For a lot of reasons this is a pretty bizarre post.

  2. I originally thought you wrote:

    Me (pause, put down shades, start walking out)...

    Store Clerk: Sorry man, I can only sell them for $5.