Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More AKS

First, check out a response to the AKS editorial (make sure to read the AKS response to the response in the comments).

Then, take a trip down memory lane with a look at the mother of all campaign web sites, as AKS makes his first promise to "fight for you, the students" at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. Make sure to read each link on the sidebar or you might miss:

Other Reasons To Contact Me
You can also e-mail me to tell me that you would like to join my Campaign Committee, be in or help produce a television campaign commercial, or help put up campaign posters. If you do, I'll be your best friend (in the Student Council).

Note the e-mail address: And he was doing television commercials?

A huge tip of my hat to Dan for finding this stuff...and a strong wag of my finger at the rest of you for not coming up with anything.

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