Tuesday, May 29, 2007

French Bakery on the Upper Upper East Side

Have you ever been craving a croissant on 106th Street before? Have you ever been on 106th Street (on the East Side) before? If you're like most of my readers (and me once upon a time), you probably answered "no" to both questions (unless you count the school bus to Randall's Island or the car ride to Connecticut). But good news dear readers, you now have a reason to make the trek, because you've gotta check out Samba Bakery. Chef Youssef Samba, who learned his craft under one of the top pastry chefs in all of France, uses nothing but the best ingredients so that his customers eat nothing but the best pastries. The French Brownie that I had was soft and rich, not to mention delicious.

So hop on the subway (or get an event catered) and find out what you've been missing. I can't wait to try the Pain au Chocolat. Also, you can sample some great Mexican food at the taqueria two doors down. And finally, if you're lucky, Lucy (of Death/Media fame) will be working at the bakery that day and maybe she can tell you what is looking particularly fresh.

Samba Bakery is located at 165 East 106th Street (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues).


  1. bu gan dang! Keshi ni shuo de hen dui. Feichang gan xie, Rich, ni shi hen hao de pengyou.

  2. Bring back Samba!