Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 BR in 3BR share!!!! (UES)

1 very spacious bedroom with private bathroom in large 3 bedroom doorman/elevator building (with its own name) on Upper East Side. Full gym facilities, close to shops and restaurants. Comes fully furnished with miniature versions of world monuments, straight A 6th grade report cards, and large Sports Illustrated collection (including 5 Swimsuit Issues!!!).

Roommates are two lawyers (one stays at home a lot...don't be alarmed by her Fox News habits) and one grad student who treats his room like a bear treats a cave during the winter. Be prepared to discuss the latest in British television with the lawyers and the finer points of comedy with the grad student (although he'll be pretty accommodating about everything).

Utilities/cable/internet/toiletries/milk/cereal/bagels are all included and rent is $0/month. Just promise to put your clothes in the hamper, dishes in the sink, and don't invite too many friends over.


  1. I have a similar set-up on Miami Beach, if interested. Rent also $0 a month.