Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got that Paaandemic

Can you get swine flu from reading Charlotte's Web?

PS I was gonna write something here about how it's interesting that all young people do now is make jokes about every scary thing that happens in the world (specifically swine flu right now). And it's especially easy for the young Americans who use the internet most/create every meme to do this because most of them have never had to face anything particularly bad or scary in their lives (although seeing 1000+ unread items on Google Reader is pretty daunting), so it's hard for them/me to fathom actually being uncomfortable in serious way for a serious amount of time. On the other hand, the fearmongering of the MSM is much worse. So I decided to stop thinking about this and make an easy joke.

PPS Swine flu is an interesting experiment in branding and clearly has made the disease sound much worse than it appears to be so far!

PPPS This is the link I wanted to include in the title of the post.

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  1. I'm guilty as charged (check my latest). I hope the flu remains under control as well.