Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fans Roused From What Was At Times A Blog Nightmare

New York (AP) - April 1, 2009 - Two words have shaken the blogosphere to its core today: "I'm Back." This announcement, from The ACTUAL God's lips to your ears, ends nearly two years of speculation about the fate of the blogger many consider to be the greatest of all time.

The public hopes that this is not another false dawn, such as the August 24, 2008, "sneeze heard round the world." The ACTUAL God has declined to expand upon his two word declaration, but his fans have pushed #actualgod to the top of the Twitter search topics. While most fans believe he can return to the peak of his 2005 powers, there is a growing minority who aren't sure if he will be able to adjust to the way the game has changed since his retirement. With Google Reader making blog visits almost obsolete and engulfing the majority of comments as well, these dissenters think that the altered landscape might be too much of a hurdle for him to overcome.

Furthermore, there are the other bloggers. With The ACTUAL God out of the picture, many of these secondary stars were able to come out of the shadows and attract regular readers who used to prefer refreshing The ACTUAL God's blog to the hassle of trying to find new content. Add to that a new crop of young and hungry writers with Web 2.0 credentials and infrastructure, and the competition is fierce. But not fierce enough. Another Columbine and the pecking order should be restored.

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