Monday, October 17, 2005

The future is now

I went to Digital Life today. Sonic the Hedgehog was there too.

And Mr. Met.

It was quite a spectacle. Nerds came from around the world and wore free light-up key chains from many different software companies around their necks.

Then, of course, there were the video game players. These men (and they were all male, although some were closer to being boys), take "gaming" extremely seriously. I was lucky enough to watch the number one and number four ranked Counter-Strike teams square off in a series of epic fake battles between terrorists and counter terrorists. Each battle lasted about one minute. If only these "soldiers" were really fighting our wars for us.

In this picture, I was able to capture these brave souls in action while their coach looked on and prepared to take notes. Do you think he makes them run drills in practice? Like maybe the three-man weave? And does he make them stay in good physical shape? You wouldn't think that was necessary for a video game, but you never know. Either way, at least these guys are the best in the world at something (even though they were losing when I was watching).

On a related note, I actually am a technology geek of sorts, so check out this incredible article. (Hint: It will look something like the USA Today in Minority Report.)

Also, I cannot wait for this. (I plan on buying XBOX 360 and Nintendo Revolution, skipping out on PS3.)


  1. excellent camera work! very steady hands... until around 1:04 that is. oh well, no one's perfect.

  2. my steady hands (and my camera) were the reason i got the job as cameraman for all the Delino videos. thank you for noticing.

  3. The new Revolution controller is the second coming of the power glove..