Saturday, October 22, 2005

The wonders of the Dalton School

In looking through my old yearbook, I stumbled across the Dream/Reality section and was amazed and amused by what I found.

A Dream/Reality is supposed to be funny, but not too mean, and tell you something about a person's false aspirations and harsh reality.

For example, here is a current one for Dan:
Dream: CEO of a Fortune 500 Company
Reality: CEO of a blog that gets 100 page views a day

Here is what I found in my yearbook:

Peter Garson-Rappaport (wealthy white boy)
Dream: 1095 Park Avenue
Reality: 325 West End Avenue

Odarkor Lamptey (black girl with family from Ghana)
Dream: Harlem
Reality: Newark

Can you think of other Dream/Reality pairs for bloggers and other people?


  1. Finnegan

    Dream: Andrew Sullivan
    Reality: Porky Pig

  2. Tom

    Dream: Bob Odenkirk
    Reality: Pat Sajak

  3. Mulatto Jesus

    Dream: Kurt Vonnegut
    Reality: Lamont Sanford

  4. Nostradamus

    Dream: Nostradamus
    Reality: Magic Eight-ball

  5. Lester

    Dream: Crazy, but brilliant black doctor
    Reality: Jewish (just like every other great comedy writer)

  6. Rich...

    Dream: Sports Illustrated

    Reality: GM of Mets

  7. Lester

    Dream: Nabokov

    Reality: Jonathan Franzen

  8. Dan/Tom

    Dream: Siegfried and Roy

    Reality: DeGeneres and Heche

  9. Actual God

    Dream: Joe Pesci

    Reality: Anderson Cooper

  10. Rich, I think this is so funny. My dream/reality What's even more funny is that you blog is the first site that comes up when I google my name. Thanks for the shout-out. :)