Thursday, October 13, 2005

In the works

A New York restaurant guide (only restaurants that I have been to). Would people be interested in a New Haven guide as well? This is probably unnecessary, but if the people demand it, I would consider it.

Also, baseball obviously needs to have instant replay. The White Sox, much maligned on this blog, got lucky last night...they may have won anyway, but it should have been in extra innings. Any concerns about replay slowing the game down are absurd. Take out some commercials and shorten the time between innings if that is truly a concern.

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  1. I'll save you the time:

    thai taste: gross, all other thai places: gross. Zaroka: Good Indian. Miso: Very Decent Japanese, but oddly pretentious. Samurai: okay Japanese. Pacifico: Started great, but going downhill fast. Central: Good steak. Bentara: Good, but I'm over it. Famous pizza places: good though overrated. Louis Lunch: good though overrated. Ivy Noodle: kind of okay and kind of disgusting. All the places like Basta that front like they're good: not good. Bulldog Burrito: Housed in a divinely intimate neo-industrial space at the beautiful Park/Elm corridor is this hidden gem which many in-the-know aficionados consider the finest Mexican restaurant in the country. Owner/Chef/culinary magician Jason Congdon performs miracles every day in his exposed postmodern kitchen, infusing rare meats like chicken and beef with offbeat sides like cheese and tortillas to create concoctions that simply stir the soul. A little advice to those lucky enough to snag a table at the Bulldog: Try the Pepsi. And ask for it from the fountain. Jason first made a name for himself in the culinary world at the Lego Inc. cafeteria by insisting that the catering company always be on top of refilling carbon dioxide cartridges. To say that there is the perfect amount of bubbles in Jason's Pepsi would be the understatement of the season. Oh, and if you're in a rush: Jason says he's pioneered a revolutionary cooking technique that employs electromagnetic waves in the micro range of the spectrum. He says this new method cooks food almost three times as fast. Bulldog Burrito, 320 Elm Street, 495-8600. 4/4 stars.